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First Multi-Blog Post

Well, here’s my first multi-blog post. I’ve been wanting to move more content over to, so I set up a blog here to do so. However, as discussed here I didn’t really want to move away from the social network aspects of LiveJournal, where I’ve been posting things for six or seven years.

So, what did I do? I set up a copy of WordPress at and took the Fluid Blue 1.0.1 theme and changed it to better match the rest of the site. I used this AdSense widget for the side bar. To tie it all in nicely with LJ I first took ljxp, the LiveJournal Crossposter, got it working with WordPress 2.5, then stripped off the crappy (ala ) automatically inserted header.

As part of using the crossposter, and this is the biggest part of continuing to use LJ, I’ve left comments enabled at both locations. This means that the social network is still wholly in place at LJ, but the blog posts will also exist for more… general consumption.

I’ve also implemented LJ user ex so that I can still use <lj user=foo> tags in both places. (This plugin is going to require a bit of tweaking, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to do. I don’t like how particular it is for the tags…)

I’ve also put WP-Cache in place, just in case of a Slashdotting or Digging or something like that, and Google XML Sitemaps is running because… Well… Sitemaps are a good thing.

Currently I’m thinking that I’ll only use this dual-posting system for the more technical / photo oriented / non-personal content, while posts which talk about what I’m thinking, politics, memes, and other crap like that will remain solely at LJ.

Well, here goes… Time to hit publish and see it all in action for once.

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