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Cateye Update

Oh, I forgot to mention something. Remember the Cateye bike computer bracket problems I had? Cateye has replied to my email message saying that they’ll send me a new bracket as soon as they get in stock.

Also, the Sequentix P3 that I’m building on contract has been delivered. I think I’ll have something to do tonight.

Oh, and here is where I’m working on the theme / stuff for a blog over at, if any of you are interested. I think I have an idea for what I’m going to do…

(I’ll crosspost important/technical things, and for more personal-ish stuff I’ll just post directly here.)

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Time Machine

I’ve managed to break Time Machine.


This morning I briefly woke my machine, ejected a flash drive, then put it back to sleep. When I came home it attempted to start a backup then declared itself broken. I think Time Machine was in the middle of mounting its sparsebundle, or something like that.

This thread suggests that DiskWarrior can be used to fix the problem. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it.

I guess I’ll just axe the file and let it recopy everything.


Move to WP?

So, for eight months or so now I’ve seriously considered moving posts from here to an actual hosted blog install. I’ve always been rather against email and photo hosting which I don’t wholly control, so why should I keep a blog here, where I can’t control it?

This post here seems to show how easy it would be to move to a WP install… I might set one up on dingleberrypie or something as a test, just to see how it goes.


Go Adobe!

Well, it looks like Adobe has rather screwed up the Lightroom 1.4 release.

Last week (or so) I fired up Lightroom and was asked if I wanted to install the 1.4 update. The change list looked harmless enough, so I went ahead and allowed it. Everything seemed fine, but I started noticing some oddness with the EXIF Date/Time stamps being exported.

Tonight I decided to look into it a little more and realized that all the files were being exported with the proper date stamp, but a timestamp of 00:00:00. This was confirmed with jhead.

I first went looking to Adobe’s support site, in the Lightroom forums, and one of the first things I found was a link to this post detailing problems with Adobe Lightroom 1.4 and asking people to revert to 1.3.1.

From the details of the post and replies to the comments by Tom Hogarty of Adobe who writes the Lightroom Journal:

...raw files consist of two essential pieces: the block of data that was captured by your sensor and metadata to describe that image data. In this case, Lightroom would incorrectly update the metadata when you explicitly update the metadata. If you're not planning on using Lightroom you can certainly wait for the subsequent update and install it over Lightroom 1.4 if you prefer. -TH

What. The. Fuck., Adobe? You change the original RAW files?

Yes, it seems that they do:

Lightroom has written the time stamp EXIF field back to raw files since the product was launched. This is intended to provide compatibility to other products that ignore the same field written to XMP metadata. -TH

Er… wow. It’s supposedly only the metadata, but still… Wow. This is kinda not good.

I can somewhat understand why they do it, as if a user changes the metadata of the file it gets written back so that all apps which use those raw files can see the changes. But still, that’s a bit odd.

I don’t think the result for me is too bad, except when you look at the metadata of images exported with 1.4, the timestamp is zero’d out. (Example)

This kinda sucks. Hopefully Adobe won’t screw this up again.

(There are quite a few angry replies about this here and here.)



My First Repaired Flat
(Click for full size…)

I repaired my first bike tube flat today. I was able to use one of the wide patches to cover both holes from Saturday when a sheet metal screw damaged my tire, tube, and rim.

Repairing a flat tube seems to be pretty easy. I just removed the valve stem, flattened the tube, cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol, scuffed it up with sandpaper, cleaned it again, applied the rubber cement, waited for that to dry, peeled the patch from the backing, solidly squished the patch in place peeled the protective top layer off, and called it done.

I then pumped up the tube a bit and let it sit for a while to see if it’d lose pressure, and it didn’t. I then re-flattened it, folded it up, tucked it in an old sock, and put it in my bag as a spare. Yay!


Booking a Flight

Using Northwest’s site to try and book a flight to the UK is a huge pain in the ass. I can’t seem to make the special rewards travel plans work, and the ones that do work don’t actually offer much of a discount.

It might be best in the end to just spend the $800 and fly NWA’s new route from Detroit to Heathrow, get some bonus frequent flier miles, and use them later.


Broken Cateye Strada Wireless Bracket

Broken Clip on Cateye Strada Wireless Bike Computer Bracket

Back when I got my bike I also ordered a Cateye Strada Wireless bike computer. It’s simple, but did just what I wanted: time, speed, average speed, multiple odometers, multiple stored wheel sizes, and a couple other little things. It also did all of this wirelessly. Nicely, the computer latches into a quick release mechanism, allowing the computer itself to be removed easily.

I would generally leave this mounted on my bike, taking it off only for washing, adjustments, transporting the bike on the car, and locking it up. I would imagine that the computer has been latched and unlatched, at most, 75 times since I got the bike. As you can tell from the wear marks above, it hasn’t been inserted and removed very much.

Today when I went to put it on my bike I noticed that it didn’t snap into place this time, and didn’t stay put particularly well. Looking at the mount (above), I noticed that the small retention clip is broken. This is really disappointing, as I rather like this computer. It doesn’t sit particularly snugly without the clip, so I’m going to have to either modify the clip, or acquire a new one. I could probably put a bit of epoxy in the groove the computer fits into. That may very well make it a tight enough friction fit that it won’t come loose.

I do wonder if this is a consistent problem, as the Cateye Small Parts Store is out of that part. Maybe I’ll just try contacting Cateye to see if they’ll just send a free one. After all, this is practically brand new.


Free TiVo

I’m going to ask again:

Would anyone like my old TiVo?

If not, I’ll take it to the Salvation Army. I’m sure someone there will get good use out of it.