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IKEA: Food and a Full Car

As my CD rack is now empty, Danielle and I headed out to the Detroit area (Canton) IKEA and poked around for quite a while looking at book cases for my office. After a bunch of research before and talking while in the store, we came to a conclusion on what would work well.

Unfortunately, it didn’t appear that the boxes would fit in my car, even after I went out to the parking lot and remeasured the inside of the vehicle with various seats repositioned. We first left without buying the book shelves, but decided that if Danielle were to sit in the back, and things were positioned diagonally, we just might be able to fit everything.

Well, it fit so long as Danielle sat in the back seat. That’s three of IKEA’s BILLY book cases (two narrow, one wide, both tall) and doors for them (three tall glass doors, and one short glass/wood door). It’s impressive what my car can hold, if pushed to its limits. (Here’s a rather not good photo of Danielle sitting in the back of the car along with the boxes.)

While at IKEA we also ate some lunch, which is seen above. My meal, as shown above, was a rather good pasta and garlic bread with elderflower drink. Later on, before leaving the store for the first time, we also split a cinnamon roll.

I’ll post photos of the bookshelves and stuff later. They aren’t completely done being assembled, as I still need some binding screws to hold the two side by side cabinets together. After that I’ll begin filling them.

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