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My Photo Gallery Has Been Removed

Since 2001 or so I’ve been hosting most of my personal photos in a public gallery at ( link to one of the first instances).

Today, ~21 years later, I’ve taken it down.

I’ve no single reason why; it’s basically a combination of these things:

  • Two years ago I made the photo gallery static, so nothing new was being added.
  • Keeping the gallery online costs $8/mo for the extra 80GB volume at Linode.
  • I previously used this gallery to share a lot of life online. I no longer do this in the same way.
  • Outside of social media, everything I publish online for the last few years has been via this blog.

The aforementioned static archiving of Gallery and backups with Borg made it easy to move hosting to my NAS at home. Now I can continue accessing the site myself while simplifying my public internet presence.

This feels like a huge shift, but the right one.