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Swimming with Roxie and Sand Road

After a hectic weekend of getting married Danielle and I headed up to her aunt and uncle’s cabin in Caseville, MI to swim and relax a bit. As you can see above, we spent a bit of time swimming with Roxie, and then after that I set out for a bike ride in and around Sleeper State Park. Swimming was fun, and riding found me on both the aptly-named Sand Rd. (see?) and attempting to navigate hiking / game trails along nifty ridges through state-owned land; stuff which would do very well being turned into proper bike/hike trails. It also ended up with riding along some interesting dirt bike trails, popping out in a neighborhood not far from where I’d started.

Despite not making it to a lake that I’d set out towards (single track-ish stuff distracted me) I ended up with about a sixteen mile ride and ~2 hours poking around in the woods. Not bad for something mostly unplanned along the shoreline of what’s otherwise quite-flat farmland.


  1. Di
    Di July 4, 2011

    We used to go to Sleeper State Park every year. I LOVED it. Loved going into Caseville for different things. How are the trails?

  2. c0nsumer
    c0nsumer July 4, 2011

    Di: The trails are weird. The signed stuff in the park is super-basic two track, and the longest loop (2 miles) is sort of fun, but also sort of dull. If you’re heading up that way definitely take your bike, but don’t expect too much.

    Now, off of Sand Rd. is some rather interesting old ORV trails which make for back-country bushwhacking-type riding. This stuff was fun to poke around on, even though some of it just petered out. I could see a nice network of trails being built up here, but (unfortunately) the remoteness would keep them from getting enough maintenance or use.

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