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Surly Chainring, Tire Swap, etc.

This rainy Thursday was used for some necessary bike work. I’ve finally resolved my chainring issues by acquiring a new Surly stainless steel chainring, 104mm x 34t. This was fitted with some short alloy chainring bolts, the chainline was tweaked by doing some fancy math and then removing one spacer removed from behind the the cog, and I re-adjusted the chain tension.

I also fitted a Kenda Small Block Eight to the rear of the bike and a beefy 2.4″ wide Schwalbe Racing Ralph to the front. I’ve been liking this exact setup on my Titus so I figure it’ll be good to try here as well. It’s fast rolling but works wonderfully over sand and loose stuff, and should be great until the snow flies. I think I’ll try and test it out tomorrow evening. It’d be nice to try it out at Addison Oaks, but after both working and racing there this past weekend (for which these podiums) I’m not sure I want to ride it so soon.

If you’re interested, here are two photos of me from the race (1, 2) which were taken by Andrea Tucker during the race. I finished 10th out of 14 in my class, which I don’t think was too bad, seeing as I’d never done three solid laps (the length of the race) of this trail before. All of us working the race had also arrived at 7am to set up everything, and then Erik and I set out on a fourth lap afterward to clean up the trail. It was definitely a tiring day.

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  1. Bill
    Bill May 12, 2018


    Looks great! Question. Why did you you choose to run the chainring inside the crank arm? I am guessing a better chainine, but didn’t want to assume.


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