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Eating Alone

By lunch time today I was having an off day and not feeling so well, so I wanted a good lunch. I headed over to Kruse and Muer in the Village, one of the restaurants founded (in part) by the late Chuck Muer. I’d never been to this location, but knowing as the restaurants are known for their mid-priced high quality food I figured that I couldn’t go wrong. I ended up having some very tasty coconut encrusted flounder with a sweet corn and dried cherry couscous, prefixed with a wonderful gazpacho and fresh poppy seed covered bread. I’d originally entertained the idea of dessert, but found myself a bit too full and passed on that idea.

As per my quite-frequent desire of having time to sit and think (and relax) I ate alone, enjoying the food and occasionally reading a few blogs via my phone. Unlike some people I have very little problem eating alone, particularly if I’m wanting to disconnect from work and other mentally taxing tasks. There are few things I find as refreshing as spending some time alone doing something enjoyable (like eating and reading), completely forgetting about responsibilities for a while. If I’m able to disconnect and relax for a few minutes I can jump back into work and find it fresh and exciting.

Not long after getting back to work I came across this Metafilter post that simply links to this Tumblr blog, table for one, a photo blog comprised solely of surreptitiously acquired photos of people eating alone.

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