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LiveJournal Is Dead

Last updated on September 18, 2010

For as long as I’ve been making posts on, since back in March 2008, I’ve been automatically cross-posting things to my LiveJournal account ‘c0nsumer’. In recent years LiveJournal (LJ) has become markedly less interesting as folks move to other social networks and abandon the blogging format. I’m not about to give up a place to post random thoughts, images, and technical info, but I don’t think that I’m going to keep contributing such things to LJ.

I’m currently working on backing up my LJ account so that I can archive it somewhere, but as my account became unpaid this evening I suspect it won’t be long before I abandon LJ entirely and post solely here. I may even consider using Facebook, where I’ve maintained a minor presence so that I could view other people’s pictures. I’ve been a bit hesitant to use it for any real content, but as it reached critical mass a few years ago I really shouldn’t continue to ignore it.

So, I think that’s it. While LJ does offer some benefits such as ACLs to restrict access to posts (which I don’t use) and email notifications of replies to comments, I think it’s time to move on. Within a few days I’ll likely uninstall the LJ crossposter from WordPress, make a final post pointing back here, and bid the online social blogging platform that I’ve used since May 28, 2002 goodbye.

UPDATE: It turns out that the expiration of my LJ account does not remove my ability to automatically cross-post. So while I no longer have much of an interest in using LJ, I may as well continue cross-posting to make it easier for others to read.

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  1. James
    James September 8, 2010

    I’ve always used my own blogging system for this kind of stuff. Originally it was a bit of PHP that I wrote back in 2000, but eventually I migrated all my posts to WordPress (after hand writing an RSS feed so I could scrape my old blog).

    I only post to Livejournal because it makes people more likely to comment on stuff. I might turn off the LJXP plugin on my blog… or I might keep it on, it makes no real difference, I’ve turned off LJ commenting.

    I dunno, if I were using LJ properly I’d set my mood as “contemplative” or some crap :)

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