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Tasty, Tasty Breakfast / Brunch

Since Danielle joined a local CSA we’ve been getting a lot of vegetables and eggs. I wanted to use some up this morning and also have some nice food, so I (mostly) made what’s seen above.

First was small redskin potatoes, onion, garlic scapes, eggs, rosemary, and garlic fried in oil and butter with salt and pepper. Everything but the eggs were fried together until the potatoes were cooked, with occasional scraping of burt bits off the bottom of the pan for extra flavor. The eggs were scrambled, poured over the cooked potatoes and veggies, and allowed to cook. This was then topped with harissa from Zingerman’s 20th Anniversary Tasting.

I also put together some salads using last week’s lettuce and croutons that I’d made a few nights ago, and Danielle sliced some fresh fennel bulb over it. The croutons were cubed stale bread, fried up in a pan with particularly good olive oil, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, and crushed garlic. The dressing is Organicville Foods’ Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Organic Vinaigrette.

As a beverage I had some Meijer-brand with-pulp orange juice mixed 50/50 with carbonated water. I love this as it’s sweet and slightly fizzy, but not as heavy as a full glass of straight juice. The carbonic acid also adds a nice bite. Per usual, Danielle ate her food with a big glass of milk.

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