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Zingerman’s 27th Anniversary Tasting

Vanessa cuts bread while Ari Weinzweig gives the introduction at Zingerman's 27th Anniversary Tasting.

Please excuse the terrible image, but this is from earlier today when Danielle and I headed to Zingerman’s Next Door for their 27th Anniversary Tasting. Neither of us had been to a Zingerman’s food tasting event before, but it ended up being Ari and Paul, two of the founders, telling stories about the history of the company while a number of good foods were handed out and explained / detailed, with anecdotes and stories related to each item.

There seemed to be two focuses of today food-wise, one being items they had been serving for years and which were influential early on, and the other was simply good, more recent things. It’s a very good thing that we arrived hungry, because the quantity of food served amounted to a medium sized and very delicious meal. Here’s a list of the items served, of which we each tried all of it except for the 2K Caraway Rye, as one of the other people at our table took the whole chunk:

· Sesame Semolina Bread
· Farm Bread
· 2 Kg Caraway Rye Bread
· 2 Kg Roadhouse Rye Bread
· Mushroom Beef Barley Soup
· Oswald’s Mile High Sandwhich (Corned Beef and Mustard on Rye)
· Bagel Sandwich (Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Tomato, and Cold Smoked Salmon)
· Fennel Pollen (Eaten straight, and on the Bagel Sandwich.)
· Chopped Liver (I did not care for this; too iron-y.)
· Chicken Salad
· Tongue (I did not care for this either, mostly the texture bothered me.)
· Smoked Sable
· Edward’s Berkshire Bacon
· Couscous with Harissa & Pasolivo Olive Oil
· Cara Cara Orange Salad with Chilean Vinegar Vinaigrette
· Stitchelton Cheese (a raw milk Stilton)
· Comte Cheese
· Ulmo Honey
· Hamentaschen
· Zzang Bar
· El Rustico Chocolate Bar
· Noodle Kugel

After the tasting Danielle and I purchased some Chicken Salad, Blondies, Pecan Raisin Bread (for making sandwiches with the chicken salad), bagels, Stitchelton, Ginger Beer, Gelato, Berkshire Bacon, and a jar of the harissa.

This has been a tremendous day food-wise. After returning home I ate some of the quiche which Danielle made on Saturday night (portabello, onion, and broccoli) with harissa on it, and it was incredibly, amazingly good. I should probably post a photo of it tomorrow, as I’ll probably be eating more of it for dinner.

Mmm. I am full of good food.

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