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Industry Nine Trail S Hydra 28h Wheelset Hub and Rim Details

On my Salsa Timberjack I have a set of Industry Nine (I9) Trail S Hydra 28h wheels. These have been a great high-end yet thrifty wheelset, combining a relatively low cost and high quality 27mm internal width aluminum rim and straight-pull steel spokes with high-end Hydra hubs.

This wheelset uses a straight-pull hub that is not sold separately or listed on the website, which makes finding specifications a little difficult if one wants to rebuild the wheels with different rims, replace spokes, etc. I’m considering replacing the aluminum rims with some carbon fiber rims over the winter, so I set about gathering all the specs so I could look into options.

Thankfully I9’s customer service is top notch, and the folks there told me everything I wanted to know about the wheelset. Since this info is otherwise difficult to find, and to maybe save the support folks some hassle, I figured I’d share them here:

Industry Nine – Trail S Hydra 28h Wheelset (29er, XD Driver, Six Bolt) Specs:

  • Hubs: Industry Nine Hydra (28 hole, straight pull, six-bolt, XD driver, black)
    • Front (Diagram)
      • NDS Flange Ø (A): 46mm
      • NDS Center to Flange (B): 28mm
      • DS Center to Flange (C): 43mm
      • DS Flange Ø (D): 46mm
    • Rear (Diagram)
      • NDS Flange Ø (A): 46mm
      • NDS Center to Flange (B): 24mm
      • DS Center to Flange (C): 37mm
      • DS Flange Ø (D):60mm
    • Freehub Lube: Dumonde Tech PRO X Freehub Oil
  • Rims: Industry Nine Trail S (28 hole, 597mm ERD for 29er, symmetric / 0mm offset)
  • Spokes: Sapim Race Straightpull (303mm for 29er, 285mm for 27.5)
  • Nipples: Sapim Double square (14mm, 2.0mm, black, alloy)

(Note, these are for a wheelset purchased in May 2020, specs documented on 2020-Nov-20. These specs could change with future revisions.)