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Four Fresh Kegs


Since the beginning of the year I’ve been brewing a batch of beer roughly once per week. This evening I kegged all four and now the beers are sitting in the garage chilling before I begin force carbonating them. I’m still trying to decide if I should purchase the ~$25 of extra fittings required to inject CO2 via the outlet tube — something which will likely decrease carbonation time — or just go with the previous method of pressurizing the head of the keg and waiting. The former should have the beer soundly ready to go within a week, the latter has taken 2-3 without occasional shaking.

The four beers shown here are an Double IPA and Dunkelweizen, both Brewer’s Best kits, a Chocolate Stout (a Cap ‘N’ Cork┬ákit), and Hopeful Pale Ale, a slightly smokey and citrus-y idea that I put together with the help of one of the folks up at Cap ‘N’ Cork. After tasting them during kegging I’m pretty happy, and I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Hopeful IPA because it seems to have been a success.


  1. BeerDiablo
    BeerDiablo February 13, 2014

    Diverse brewing. For those temperature differences, did you store your “firkins” differently?

  2. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau February 13, 2014

    BeerDiablo: Nope, I am very lazy / practical about brewing. I aim to make good stuff that ferments at main living space temp, ages in the basement, and carbonates all at the same pressure and temp. It works out pretty well.

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