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¡Ay CRAMBA There’s Signs!


Sunday’s ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! event is going to feature both a hard and easy route, and to support this I needed to make signs. Here they are, made from white Coroplast (liberated from a roadside) covered with green gaffer tape, and nailed to wooden stacks from the Massive Fallout marking supplies. Marking was done by hand, but seems to have worked out fairly well.

I anticipate it being fairly easy to push these into the snow, allowing the bright green 6″ x 9″ signs to guide people along the routes. They bundle up small enough that I should have no difficulty fitting them all in one backpack, making for an pre-event trail marking session.

(The easy route will cut off the hilliest parts of the trail; a section which many find too frustrating to ride in deep snow.)


  1. beerdiablo
    beerdiablo February 7, 2014

    Dig you commitment and support to the biking activities.
    The green stands out well too.

  2. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau February 7, 2014

    beerdiablo: Thank you! It’s fun stuff to do.

    I’m hoping the bright green stands out nicely in all the snow and grey as well. I’m pretty excited for Sunday.

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