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Lasko Pro-Performance High Velocity Utility Fan (Model 4900)

Wanting a higher powered fan for when riding on the trainer, and being inspired by the Air King blowers at BK Training Systems I picked up a Lasko Pro-Performance High Velocity Utility Fan (Model 4900) fan via Amazon, and I’m not disappointed. At $72.17 it wasn’t the cheapest fan (and the price has gone up in from $60 in conjunction with the onset of trainer season), but it seems worth it. When run on high it is comparably loud to the more-decorative tabletop fan I’ve been using for a couple years, but it moves considerably more air. At ~12 feet away from the fan, as I will be when on the bike, it moves enough air to make the rushing sound in my ears that I get when riding at 15MPH+.

The linear flow of the air is really different from the normal swirling chop of rotary fans, but it’s also much more like the steady flow when one is riding. I think this’ll be great for keeping me cool; it moves a lot of air.

Beyond trainer use, this’ll also be great for airing out the house, drying clothes in the basement, blowing warm house air into the cold garage when working out there in the winter, and airing out the hot garage on summer days.

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