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Custom 26mm FOX 32mm Fork Top Cap Socket

I need to rebuild the FOX F29 RLC fork on my Titus, so I ordered the supplies to rebuild the fork, but found that I’d need a socket that has had the face ground flat in order to properly (read: safely, without marring the aluminum) remove the top caps from the fork. While openly contemplating what to do about this on Facebook a friend of mine, Mark Dombrowski (also the MCMBA Trail Coordinator for ILRA) offered to make me an aluminum socket to meet my exact needs. He’d done the same for himself in the past, and this one was like his, but with the incremental improvement of a 15mm hex cap for turning the socket.

This sort of socket (or one with the face ground flat) is needed because FOX top caps have very thin flats and are made of aluminum. The internal flaring on most sockets either won’t mate well (best case) or will round off the cap (worst case). Grinding a hardened socket flat can be quite a pain, and having a softer tool for turning the aluminum is a good idea, so he came up with this.

I’m really thankful to have one of these. Once the replacement parts come in I’ll be able to rebuild the Titus’ fork, and I also should be able to use this on the fork which’ll come on the bike that I’ve currently got on order. This is a really nice part.

Here’s a few more views of it:

· Looking into the business end of the socket which mates with the 26mm top cap.
· The opposite end of the socket has a 15mm hex fitting.
· Oblique view showing the nicely machined part.
· Socket with Industrial Sharpie labeling so I can remember its exact sizes.

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  1. Mom
    Mom September 23, 2012

    Beautiful machining, Mark. . . . really nice. :)

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