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Fat Tire and Potawatomi

Last updated on September 19, 2012

This past Sunday was the Triple Trail Challenge, a rather nifty fundraising group ride out at Pinckney State Recreation Area which spans parts of the normal mountain bike trails and also some trails which are only open to bikes for that day. I headed out with Jeremy and Sol and had a really great time. The route was rather nice and I’d love to do this ride again. The Lakelands Trail was a bit rough, and some of the dirt roads were a bit slimy due to recent grading and spraying, but it all added up to an outstanding 38.5 mile ride.

While the ride itself is free, it’s used as a fundraiser by the Potawatomi Mountain Bike Association by selling t-shirts, beer glasses, and trying to sign up members. This seemed to be really successful, as I heard there were 600+ people out for the ride, they acquired over 100 new members that day, sold out of t-shirts, and were running short on pint glasses. After the ride there were ample supplies of complimentary chili (vegetarian, I believe) and Arbor Brewing Company beer for all those who participated.

I was one of those who bought one of the glasses (t-shirts were sold out when I tried to get one), and it can be seen above filled with some of New Belgium’s Fat Tire Ale. I’m not a huge fan of this beer, but it is a pretty solid, reliable beverage. Since it’s now available in Michigan I’ll probably pick up a few more bottles of their stuff, and it’s nice to know that these glasses nicely hold an entire 22oz bottle.

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  1. Buzz
    Buzz September 19, 2012

    Dear c0nsumer, Can I say something? Well. Couple things… 1. If you don’t care for Fat Tire don’t drink it. 2. If you don’t care for Fat Tire don’t buy more of it. Best, Buzz

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