Notched Pink Foam

This evening before heading home I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up some pink foam to line the inside of the Kegged Beer Cooler / Kegerator collar for additional insulation. It cut nicely and before long I was sticking it to the inside of the collar with hot melt glue. I was even able to notch it to fit cleanly around the tap fittings.

The wire basket fits nicely on top of the foam, and with the basket moved to the other side there’s now enough room for the fourth keg. Not that I have anything to put in it, nor a gas with which to connect it… But it fits!

All that’s left to do on this project is finish off the drip tray and add a Y fitting to one of the gas lines.


  1. Buzz:

    What did you use to cut the foam?

  2. c0nsumer:

    Buzz: Table saw for the main cuts, hole saw for the round bits, then a hacksaw blade to slot out the holes. I would have used my bandsaw for slotting the holes, but the opening wasn’t large enough. I cleaned up rough edges in the rounded slots with some drywall sanding material (the mesh stuff), but all the other edges were perfect as-is.

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