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Pontiac Has Terrible Roads

Pontiac is the first town in which I’ve worked where I also have to pay a city income tax. It is also the worst city I’ve had to deal with road-wise. Two days after a moderate winter snowfall there is still an inch of ice on all roads making even the most gradual uphill difficult to drive. Pulling away from a stoplight is almost always a matter of frustration involving 10-15 seconds of figuring out how to acquire traction.

Maybe I should just buy myself some snow tires. It’d make driving (all around) much nicer during winter.

(Another road photo, and a view from near my new desk on Monday.)

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  1. Nick
    Nick December 14, 2010

    I’ve worked in two cities that have city taxes.
    Detroit: nuff said, everyone knows what the roads are like there.
    Port Huron: St Clair County, again, enough said.

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