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XC Skiing from Home

Having my own cross country skis and with this weekend’s sudden snow fall frozen into hard pack I decided to see how well skiing the field next to my condo would go. Two laps (roughly a mile) later and I can say that I’m now able to have an enjoyable (albeit short and flat) ski from my house. There was even sufficient moonlight to make skiing perfectly fine without a headlight.

The snow is so firmly packed that it could be cut with a saw which allowed me to easily glide along on top of it, only occasionally sinking through recently-drifted powder. It was also deep enough that only once did I run into brush sticking through the snow and have to deviate course. Hopefully this means that the trails at Stony Creek will be open and groomed for skiing this weekend.

(Oh, and the footprints next to the ski tracks? Those are from Roxie heading out to go to the bathroom and then my fetching her deposit from the snow.)

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