Found an Extra Paper

My mailman is great. Apparently he found a copy of October 6th’s local newspaper (the one I was on the cover of) and saved it for me, dropping it in my mailbox with a note on some junk mail saying that he found it.

This shows some interesting things, like that the mailman recognizes my name on newspapers and such and knows where I live, but I guess that’s expected since his job is to pay attention to names on mail and where things go and such. I know that I’ve waived to him while biking, so I wonder if he associated that, receiving cycling catalogs and magazines, and this.

Either way, I think it’s really nice and I appreciate it.


  1. Bob Costello:

    Two words: Christmas Tip. He’s earned one.

  2. c0nsumer:

    Bob Costello: Most likely, yeah. I left him a thank-you note which he acknowledged today.

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