Empty CD Rack

Last night I emptied my CD rack, and today I’ll be removing it from the wall. Boxing the CDs up felt a bit odd, because almost every single one was purchased listened to, enjoyed, and reasonably understood. With listening to music during all sorts of times, feelings, and experiences, a large, well-used CD collection is almost a story of years of one’s life.

Now that I have all the discs ripped I don’t need as ready of access to the discs, and the wall space could be better filled by a book / stuff shelf, so the CDs are being moved into storage in the basement. Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m putting aside a big part of my life and what makes me feel like me: music.


  1. Jessie Birks:

    I hope you’re considering selling these. I use half.com for CDs and DVDs I no longer want. It’s easy to list the stuff and you can get a good price.

  2. c0nsumer:

    Jessie: I’m honestly not sure yet. For one, I feel a bit mixed about selling CDs that I’ve ripped and yet continue listening to. Also, I do like having the discs, because it is something I’ve spent a lot of time collecting. And finally, lots of the stuff that I have is quite rare and probably wouldn’t sell for much. So, it’d more be worth just keeping the discs and storing them somewhere.

    (I am wondering if tossing the jewel cases and keeping all the art in a thin sleeve would be a little better… Then nothing is lost, but it takes up less space.)

  3. Jessie Birks:

    I actually did the same thing with my CDs at one point, putting them all in sleeves. But, they end up having no value without the jewel cases.

    I don’t see any ethical problem with buying the CD, ripping it, and reselling it. For me, it’s better than stealing MP3s since you control the quality and you’re sure to get all the tracks. And, there’s still a bought CD out there, just multiple people enjoying it. I mean, there’s certainly less CDs sold, but big deal. That’s like worry about Stephen King’s cash flow because you lent your copy of The Thing to your buddy Dave.

  4. M:

    This is an interesting insight. Most music has an associated memory or person with me as well.
    I, too, would feel a bit uneasy about selling CD’s after I had ripped them.

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