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Empty CD Rack

Last night I emptied my CD rack, and today I’ll be removing it from the wall. Boxing the CDs up felt a bit odd, because almost every single one was purchased listened to, enjoyed, and reasonably understood. With listening to music during all sorts of times, feelings, and experiences, a large, well-used CD collection is almost a story of years of one’s life.

Now that I have all the discs ripped I don’t need as ready of access to the discs, and the wall space could be better filled by a book / stuff shelf, so the CDs are being moved into storage in the basement. Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m putting aside a big part of my life and what makes me feel like me: music.

German Shepherds

I really like how the Wire song German Shepherds on Coatings uses the Human Voice patch from the Casio SK series of keyboards. I particularly remember this one from playing with my sister’s SK-1 when I was little, and trying to figure out where it could possibly be useful.

A slightly different version of this track, the B-side from the Silk Skin Paws single, may be heard here at YouTube. It still includes a bit of this patch.

AMB γ1 Is Complete

The completed AMB γ1 is a bit smaller than a business card.

An order arrived from Mouser today, which means that I was able to complete the AMB γ1 Modular Miniature DAC that I’ve been building. Complete it’s a bit smaller than a standard business card and feels very solid. The board assembly slides forward and back ever so slightly in the case when inserting or removing the USB cable, but it’s nothing that’s a problem. (A/B this photo and this photo to see the shift.)

Tonight I’m using it connected it to to the Millett Hybrid Maxed that I built last year, my most-favorite Sennheiser HD570 headphones, and each of my computers, and this sounds darn good. Now I’m realizing just how low quality some of the audio recordings on my computer actually are, but better than that I can now listen to high quality audio at reasonable levels while Danielle sleeps in the next room. Yay!

I’m really enjoying this.

Yes, I realize that I could have just used the high quality line out in my Mac Pro with the amp, but I’m also expecting to use this when at work or with computers with crap audio (eg: Dell D620).

The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, vol. 14

Can any of you help me locate a digital copy of the album The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, vol. 14?

I’d heard samples from this a few times before, but when listening to Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 06 (disc 2 track 13) I was finally able to put an album with the sample. Searching around revealed this site with a broken RapidShare link, but no other traces of where to find a copy. Would any of you happen to know where I could get one?


UPDATE: I’ve found a few places to buy the CD from, so it looks like it’s available, it’ll just take a while to get.

Coldplay at The Palace of Auburn Hills

Coldplay at The Palace of Auburn Hills (#2)

I ended up some tickets to see Coldplay at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Upon collecting them we found that they were in a rather nice location, and while this isn’t the sort of music I tend to listen to it was quite an interesting show. It was also the whitest show I’ve ever been to, but I guess that’s to be expected.

We were about five rows up from the front corner of the stage, just high enough up that we could easily see everything happening on stage without being too high up. As can be seen above we or in the links below we were close enough a basic cell phone photo without digital zoom just barely fit the main part of the stage. There were some really nifty effects as well, including spherical screens with internal projectors, video feedback displayed on a large screen behind the band, and die-cut fluorescent plastic butterflies dropped while the venue was lit with blacklights.

Here’s the five cell phone photos I grabbed during the show: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5

It’s Time For The Perkulator (Coffee Dopplebock)

Dark Horse Brewing's Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock poured into a glass. It tastes strongly of coffee, with a nice malt taste.

Tonight’s beer is Dark Horse Brewing‘s Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock. It’s nice, but interesting. It’s got the coffee taste which one would normally associate with a really dark breakfast stout, but it’s lighter and a bit maltier. This is a nice beer.

Mmm. It’s time for the Perkulator. And Cajmere’s Percolator, which comes to you via Detroit’s The New Dance Show.