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The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, vol. 14

Can any of you help me locate a digital copy of the album The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, vol. 14?

I’d heard samples from this a few times before, but when listening to Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 06 (disc 2 track 13) I was finally able to put an album with the sample. Searching around revealed this site with a broken RapidShare link, but no other traces of where to find a copy. Would any of you happen to know where I could get one?


UPDATE: I’ve found a few places to buy the CD from, so it looks like it’s available, it’ll just take a while to get.


    • c0nsumer
      c0nsumer January 21, 2009

      Mike: Thanks very much for the link. I ended up getting a copy elsewhere, but it’s nice to know that some of it is available there. It’s too bad its out of print, though.

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