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Garmin Edge 510 ANT+ Recording Stopped at Lap

Here’s something odd that happened during a long ride with my Garmin Edge 510 (firmware 2.90). While stopped in River Bends Park to climb over a tree I pressed the Lap button to mark the location so the tree could be removed, but then after that point the unit stopped recording data from either of the ANT+ sensors. Both the HR and Cadence values seemed to be stuck at whatever they were when the Lap button was pressed.

Firmware update 3.00 is out and I’ll try updating to that and see if it comes back, but as the change history simply states “Changes for manufacturing.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.

UPDATE: A bit of research has shown that it wasn’t actually when the lap button was pressed. It just happens to be right after that.

Here is the first record of the consistent/wrong 142 BPM, 24 RPM data:

<trkpt lat="42.64555980" lon="-83.04996448">

Here’s the lap marker, which shows it was earlier:

<gpxdata:lap xmlns="">

Close, but definitely earlier.

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