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Breaking My Phone

This evening while changing in the bathroom the BK Training¬†facility I dropped my phone, a 13 month old Google Nexus 4, shattering the outer glass / digitizer. It appears that the phone fell screen down, with one side landing slightly before the other, and the non-slip rough surface tile in the bathroom did a fine job ensuring the screen was ruined. I’d had problems with the slipperyness of the phone before, but usually my hand was moist enough to keep a good grip on it. A couple times this winter the dry skin on my hand has contributed to my dropping it, but previously it’d only been on soft surfaces. This time it was done in.

At this point the touchscreen doesn’t work, so I’m shopping for a new phone. I may replace the screen then sell the phone, but at this point I’m most concerned with getting a working phone quickly. I guess it’s time to get shopping for a new phone, see if its available locally, give screen protectors some thought, and dig into wiping my phone without use of the touchscreen.


  1. Paul
    Paul February 21, 2014

    I think you can wipe the phone with ADB, if you had developer mode enabled. If not, you can wipe it using exchange active sync (if you are hooked to an exchange server at work, go to the outlook web access, choose “Options” at the upper right, go to mobile phones, select your handset and choose wipe.)

  2. beerdiablo
    beerdiablo February 22, 2014

    Ouch. Looks like a case wouldn’t have helped? [no mention of one]
    Another Nexus? Note 3’s are fun.

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