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2013-2014 Trainer Season Setup

Last updated on July 18, 2014

Thanks to a friendly person from the MMBA Forum I was able to pick up a low cost Dimension (QBP #WE8677) rear wheel for use with the Jamis Nova when it is fitted to the trainer. Combined with an CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer that I picked up a couple of years ago, a CycleOps-branded Trainer Tire (Kenda manufactured), and a barely used cassette from eBay†, and a Continental tube (recommended by Ron at Fraser Bicycle and Fitness for trainer use due to high heat tolerance) this should allow me to swap the bike on and off trainer quickly. Unlike my previous setup I won’t have to swap tires, which should make this bike more useful overall.

When on longer rides I’d been not-quite-happy with the Specialized Phenom saddle that I love for mountain biking, so I also picked up a Specialized Avatar Comp Gel to try out. After a bit of fiddling it seems like it’ll be okay, but I think an extended session on the trainer and a proper ride outside will be needed before I decide if it’ll work or not. With the time change this weekend I can only hope that there’s a good time for another long dirt road ride soon…

I’m not really looking forward to trainer season, but sometimes I need a bit of exercise, don’t want to venture outside, and thus find the trainer worthwhile. When used in conjunction with TrainerRoad and something decent on the TV it’s really not too bad, and I feel good when I’m done.

† The trainer wheel has the original Shimano CS-5600 cassette that came with the Jamis Nova on it; the normal wheel will get the nearly-new one from eBay.

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