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Blah at Highland

Sometimes you have those days when riding where things just don’t click. Climbs aren’t made, previously-ridden descents are walked, you don’t feel great, and things just don’t click. Today at Highland State Recreation Area was one of those days. I set out for a ride by myself, but things just weren’t as keen as I’m accustomed to. I could blame the heat, perhaps being dehydrated, staying up too late with beer and popcorn watching Breaking Bad, but it’s really just a bad day. Those happen.

Here is the ride data in Strava if you are interested. I attempted to ride to Milford for some of the Milford trail (aka Highland Loop E), but needing to pick Danielle up from volunteering at The 3-Day I was short on time and turned back after reaching the Milford city limits. The route between the two is quite easy and straightforward. Hopefully I’ll actually do a Highland A-B-C-D-E later this year.


  1. Ryan McGavock
    Ryan McGavock August 18, 2013

    I feel you. We all have those days. And MTB is a particularly tough sport when you’re not “in the zone”. You can’t just space out and spin. You either have to slow down or risk injury, both equally unpleasant.

  2. Dave Mackey
    Dave Mackey August 19, 2013

    Yep at Highland if you are having one of those “off” days you can get hurt. But other days nothing you do is wrong.

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