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A Nicely Useful Outhouse

Today I rode my bicycle from home to my parents house, taking a dirt road route that I put together a couple days before. The ride went great, and the only difficulties I encountered were feeling a bit blah at the start, then having to ride on freshly graded roads for a while neat the end. The weather was excellent, traffic was light, and I had no problems with cars. The rotating cue sheet that I put together last night worked great, and I think I’ll use this technique for other rides in the future. I even happened across this conveniently located portable toilet in the construction zone on the southeast corner of Van Dyke and Boardman roads where I stopped for a few minutes and had a bit of home made protein bar to eat before carrying on.

At one point while heading north on Dequinder I was kept company by these tire marks, which seemed to alternate between Specialized The Captain and Maxxis CrossMark patterns. I think that two people, alternating position, must have ridden through there shortly before I did. Other than this, I didn’t encounter anyone else riding outside of parks or rail trails.

Other eventful things included: being near lots of cows, seeing a bunch of beautiful houses and orchards along Boardman, watching a crane stand in a fresh-cut lawn watching someone finish mowing, and being briefly chased by a dog. Mostly all good things.

Strava data for today’s ride can be found here.


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