Clement X’Plor USH 120 TPI

On Joe Seidl’s recommendation I picked up a set of Clement X’Plor USH for the Jamis Nova. While I’d originally intended to get the 60 TPI version, QBP being out of stock and a convenient find (just in time for a planned long ride) resulted in my getting a 120 TPI set. I’m not sure how much the difference matters, but I don’t mind the more supple casing even if it came at a slightly higher price.

At 80 PSI on the 622-14 Ritchey Silhouette Comp rims that came with the bike the casing measures 32mm wide and to the outer edge of the knobs it measures just about 35mm. The solid center and file tread sides of this tire really appeals to me, as it looks good for mixed pavement / dirt road / rail trail riding; exactly what I intend the Jamis to be used for.

Using the charts in Frank Bertro’s article All About Tire Inflation (mirror) I put the pressure at 65 PSI and went for a test ride from home up to 51 North in Lake Orion, meeting some friends part way. Since I was early to meeting Erik and Kristi in Rochester I poked around Bloomer for a bit, including riding some low/flat parts of the mountain bike route. This gave me the chance to try these tires out on pavement, smooth crushed limestone, looser gravel, sand, light mud, and some damp clay. On each of these surfaces this tire behaved exactly as it felt like it should, with no surprises, and much nicer than the Serfas Seca┬ádid when I tried taking it off road at Island Lake.

Thus far I’m really happy with this tire. It seems to be a great all-around tire for this area, and as long as it keeps performing as it did tonight I’ll be happy. There’s still the question of longevity, but that’ll clearly take some time.

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