Thoughts on Yankee Springs

Today I rode Yankee Springs for the first time. I did two laps, then a bonus third lap of the warm-up/beginning/first part of the trail which loops back to the parking lot. Random thoughts went through my head about the trail while riding, including…

  • This is rather like Western Michigan’s version of Pontiac Lake Recreation Area.
  • Bald Mountain could be similar to this, if it was developed with more single track.
  • Lots and lots and lots of blind corners with semi-surprising things: roots, drop-offs, things where I should have had more or less speed.
  • Devil’s Soup Bowl (a very deep, steep geological formation) is apparently not meant to be ridden into. Whoops. Good thing I stopped part-way down at the first plateau and hiked out.
  • After becoming a bit familiar with the trail, it’s a lot of fun. I’d like to go back.
  • Riding up plastic matting (photo) is weird and somewhat awkward. The same with rubbery water bars.
  • Southeast Michigan trails are mostly hard pack clay and gravel. Wester Michigan trails seem to be light sand over a firm bed. It’s different, but nice.
  • Trails through needle-covered ground in stands of Red Pine mixed with green foliage are beautiful.

I also identified the source of a rather irritating sound at the rear end of my bike: the Salsa skewer. If I didn’t stop and periodically tighten it a loud tick/knock would develop at the rear of the bike. I’ll try replacing it with an XT from my first proper MTB. Hopefully that fixes it, and then I can pursue a more permanent replacement.


  1. Dave Mackey:

    Glad you enjoyed Yankee Springs. You should take the wifey poo and camp out. Really nice camp grounds next to the trail. As for the Devil’soup bowl, you really need smaller wheels as we have ridden in and out many times on our 26ers.

  2. Buzz:

    Hi c0nsumer,

    I don’t know if you take requests but if you do…I’m interested in a column (or a series of columns) discussing your method(s) / system(s) for tracking warranty information for various products.


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