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Bundaberg and Underberg

Recommended to me late last year by my friend Joy is this, a mixture of Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Underberg herbal digestive bitters. Gently mixed together with a bit of ice, this is a wonderfully herby (sort of) soft drink. From a bit of reading I think this is a San Francisco thing, but I still enjoyed it on a warm (for February) day here in Michigan.

It amuses me that, despite being 44% ABV, Underberg is not sold as an alcoholic beverage at most stores. At Meijer it’s found in the import asile and not listed as age restricted when checking out, and at a local German market which isn’t licensed to sell alcohol it’s right next to the counter.

Then again, last time I bought some at the German market the teenage-ish girls behind the counter started laughing, exclaiming that they couldn’t believe I liked it. I suspect that the need to control it is rather limited, as apparently one of them noticed the alcohol content and bought some to drink before going out one evening. They told me that they hadn’t realized what it tastes like and couldn’t drink even one (1 oz.) bottle. Underberg is definitely not something that one ingests to become intoxicated.

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