Kegged Beer Cooler Upgrades In Progress…

Upgrades to the Kegged Beer Cooler are coming along very nicely. While not quite complete I’ve build, finished, and fitted a pine and poplar collar, and acquired and installed some taps. I still have to work out the drip tray, insulation inside the collar, and a few other random bits, but it’s almost set.

A year ago when first built it I figured that maybe one day I’d add taps, and a year later I’ve done so. After using a few friends’ taps and getting some nice ideas from how another friend built a collar I figured I’d go for it.

I feel really happy, proud, and fortunate that I have the means and abilities to do so. Growing up my dad and mom would let me help out with a bunch of things that they were working on. From both that and just being allowed to play with things I learned how to try and that it’s okay if things don’t always go right because you can learn and move on. These are very important things to know and I wholly believe that it helps me with most everything I do.

Now, hopefully I can finish off the kegged beer cooler / kegerator successfully and not end up with foaming taps or a poor quality drip tray or something…


  1. Jessie:

    This thing is really coming along. Somehow at the beginning, I thought you were going to run a line up to your kitchen. Is this in your basement?

  2. c0nsumer:

    Jessie: Yep, it’s in the basement. I can’t see myself running lines up to the kitchen. That’d be a lot of extra cooling required, and for little benefit. I may as well just have the taps where the kegs are. After all, I figure on average each will only get used once or twice a week.

  3. Jessie:

    That’s true. The beer would get all warm and flat sitting in the lines. You bike shop is in the basement, right? So, that’s where you need the keg anyway.

  4. c0nsumer:

    Jessie: Not flat because it’d all be under the same pressure, but it’d get warm unless I had chilled glycol lines run along with the tap lines. Also, yes, it’s in the basement, but there’s not much of a bike shop as a place where I work on general stuff, and I happen to have some bike-specific tools. It doesn’t take many special items to do bike work, thankfully.

  5. The brewery technician:

    This looks interesting, do you have anymore pictures on here that I could l look at? Can you post the links?

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