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CRAMBA’s Addison Oaks Mountain Bike Route Map

For a while now I’ve lamented that, while they do a nice job of illustrating the whole of the park, the park provided maps for Addison Oaks don’t show the mountain bike trail route very well. After a meeting with park management it was decided that a new map of the MTB route would be nice, and over the last week I spent some time gathering GPS data at the park and drawing up the map you see above: CRAMBA‘s Addison Oaks Mountain Bike Route Map.

When drawing this map I was working with the following intentions:

· Make the MTB route easy to find for new users to the park.
· Provide sufficient landmarks (mile markers, water tower, RC plane field, cell tower, lakes, etc) to make it easy for a new user to locate themselves along the route.
· Illustrate where the MTB route interacts with other marked routes, such as equestrian trail crossings and segments shared with marked equestrian and hiking routes.
· Allow the map to be used alongside the park-provided maps by including common reference points.
· Produce a map that is readable when printed in B&W or color.

I think that this map meets these intentions. There will, of course, be versions released after this as stuff changes around and points for improvement are identified, but I’m pretty happy with the result thus far. Hopefully others will find it useful.

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