River Bends Trailhead Kiosk: Complete

This morning, along with help from Jeremy Verbeke and Scott Retford (and Bob Costello last night in collecting the Lexan) the kiosk at the River Bends Trailhead was completed. This involved hanging the signs, covering it all with Lexan, and fitting some wooden strips that I cut and drilled last night (picture). Here is a photo of Scott and Jeremy standing next to the kiosk right after we completed the sign hanging.

This kiosk (along with much of the trail signage) was donated and build by Spencer Wood and Troop #242 as part of Spencer’s Eagle Scout project. It’s a nice improvement on the standard MMBA Kiosk Construction Plans, is extremely well built, and should last for years. This is one of the best constructed trailhead kiosks that I’ve seen.

The signage includes a trailhead-specific version of the map, a QR code allowing easy download of a PDF of the map to one’s smart phone, and some basic trail rules. The kiosk also features a sign from Aktion Club, a Kiwanis program for people with disabilities who helps with maintenance of the first mile of two track trail.

This completes the current River Bends trail system allowing us to move on to the next phase. I just recently received approval to expand the single track even further, so once the mosquitos start dying off and leaves start falling from trees construction on this next segment can begin.


  1. TJ:

    Looks fantastic!! I’m going to have to come check out the trails soon!

  2. c0nsumer:

    TJ: Thank you! Let me know when you’re heading there; I’d be glad to meet you. It’s an easy ride between there and Stony as well.

  3. Mom:

    Super Job! Congrats to all :-)

  4. Forgivenick:

    That QR code to download a PDF of the map is genius c0nsumer. You rock. Way to implement it.

  5. c0nsumer:

    Forgivenick: Thank you, but I can’t imagine I’m the first to think of it. I just find it to be an alternative to the traditional (and easily vandalized) box full of maps.

  6. James:

    Hello, I’m a Boy Scout looking to do a similar Eagle Scout project in my community. I’ve looked at the construction plans posted here also. Would there be anyone who could provide more details on the construction of this kiosk ? Thank you in advance. James

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