iTunes 10.4.1 UI Bug

There is a UI bug in iTunes 10.4.1 which causes the rewind (<<) button to become highlighted when switching to the Mini Player. This causes unexpected behavior when one Cmd-Tabs to iTunes and presses space intending to pause the music. To replicate this issue do the following: - Bring the normal iTunes window to the foreground. - Note that the Play / Pause button is highlighted. If it's not, press Tab to move the highlight to it. - Double-click a track to begin it playing. - Click the + or press Shift+Cmd+M to switch to Mini Player. - Note that the rewind (<<) button is now highlighted instead of the Play / Pause button. This was tested with iTunes 10.4.1 on OS X 10.7.1. UPDATE: This appears to finally have been fixed in iTunes 10.5.3.

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  1. Nick:

    I think this bug existed in 10.4.0 also.

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