Archive for 27th August 2011

iTunes 10.4.1 UI Bug

There is a UI bug in iTunes 10.4.1 which causes the rewind (<<) button to become highlighted when switching to the Mini Player. This causes unexpected behavior when one Cmd-Tabs to iTunes and presses space intending to pause the music. To replicate this issue do the following: - Bring the normal iTunes window to the foreground. - Note that the Play / Pause button is highlighted. If it's not, press Tab to move the highlight to it. - Double-click a track to begin it playing. - Click the + or press Shift+Cmd+M to switch to Mini Player. - Note that the rewind (<<) button is now highlighted instead of the Play / Pause button. This was tested with iTunes 10.4.1 on OS X 10.7.1. UPDATE: This appears to finally have been fixed in iTunes 10.5.3.

Odell Brewing Company’s Myrcenary Double IPA

Tonight beer, being sipped while writing this post and some research into a particular GPS-based bike computer, is Odell Brewing Company’s Myrcenary Double IPA. This is very much a slow-sipping super-hoppy beer, exactly the kind that I love to spend two hours with while working on personal projects in the evening.

This bottle of beer is the last one of the outstanding selection of Colorado beers brought back by some friends on a recent trip to Colorado.