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Cancelling Cable TV

After putting it off for over a year, the whole time thinking that I might hook the service backup, I finally cancelled Cable TV service. This will decrease my monthly Wide Open West bill by ~$40/mo. As part of this I’ll need to return the multi-stream CableCARD (aka M-Card) seen above. This had previously been fitted in a TiVo HD to allow recording two encrypted digital CATV channels at the same time.

While I originally thought that something would demand Danielle and I to hook broadcast TV back up, all video watching that we do comes from legitimate streaming sources online. A mixture of Hulu, Netflix streaming, and BBC iPlayer has provided more than enough content to meet our limited entertainment needs. With a small Atom-based computer hooked to the television we’re able to stream anything to a TV, or (more typically) we watch things in a browser while doing other stuff.

Now I just have to handle returning the CableCARD. I can either drop it off at the Wide Open West office in Madison Heights or wait for a tech to show up on Saturday evening and collect it.


  1. Paul
    Paul August 14, 2011

    They finally have m-cards? Awesome. My Tivo Premiere needs one bad and I keep procrastinating having them come out.

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