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Mechanix Wear’s The Original® Vent Glove for Mountain Biking

Having lost my Giro Rivet gloves by leaving them on the rack while leaving Addison Oaks I’ve been trying to find some replacement gloves. Today I tried out some Mechanix Wear’s The Original® Vent Glove while on a ~19 mile ride around trails and pavement in Shelby Township, and they seem like they’ll be good.

As I like they have no padding and a smooth, seamless palm that’s got perforations for venting and a mesh back. The closure is on the inside of the wrist, up on a cuff that is sufficiently tall to hold on to the hand without feeling tight. The rubber flap closure also has a very fine hook and loop fastener which is not unlike that found on vegetable packing straps; something fine enough to feel smooth and not stick to clothing. It’ll be interesting to see how it lasts.

The venting is not as thorough as the aforementioned Giro Rivet gloves (which basically have mesh sides), but seemed more than sufficient for tonight’s mid-70s ride. Spreading my fingers or turning the backs of the gloves perpendicular to the wind quickly cooled my hands, but I didn’t notice the gloves while on trails, so the venting must be good enough. I suspect that as the gloves wear they’ll become even more airy as the mesh begins to wear. Having no silkscreen logo on the back would help with airflow, but being Mechanix signature logo there’s nothing that I can do about that.

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