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Pelican 1015 as Nexus One Case for the Outdoors

When biking I tend to stay fairly dry, but there are the occasional times when I’ll end up a bit more wet or banged up than desired. Since a phone can be a lifesaver in such a situation I wanted to ruggadize my Nexus One a bit. Stopping by REI in Northville yesterday on my way to the bike shop I picked up a Pelican 1015 in solid black.

This nice case fits my Nexus One almost perfectly in two dimensions, but is a little deeper than needed. Thankfully with the addition of some extra foam in the lid and the cushioned rubber liner the phone now doesn’t move around, even when fairly strongly jostled. With the rainproofness and extra shock protection afforded by this cases it should now be perfect whenever I care to take it; biking, hiking, or whatever.

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