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Off The Rails

Danielle’s driver side window ended up coming out of the track at the front, so she wasn’t able to roll it up without holding it. By unbolting the front rail I was able to get it all aligned, but it seems her window has some wear in front of the lift mechanism. This causes the window to settle into place slightly ajar, requiring a gentle nudge to get it into place. If it was easier to get inside the door I’d look at disassembling the mechanism and fixing the bushing (or whatever), but for now I’ve left the window semi-operational.

On request the handle has been left off of the door panel (and set inside one of the map compartments) so she won’t roll the window down without remembering the slight effort required to fully re-seat it. Properly reinstalling the handle will just require clipping it back in place, but I won’t do so yet.

I suspect that this issue happened when the car was iced over and an attempt to roll down the window was made. The window was probably stuck in place and the force of pulling down on it deformed a bushing or some other part in the front of the mechanism, allowing it to wobble the current 1cm or so.


  1. Ali B.
    Ali B. February 15, 2010

    I know this issue well. One morning I shattered the passenger side when attempting to “roll” it down to get a good look to the right. That was one cold ride to work. Last winter I had Danielle’s issue. I ended up placing a sticker over the button so I would NOT have to go through the trouble of trying to get the window back UP in place. :) bah. winter!

  2. Andrew
    Andrew February 26, 2010

    Hey Man,

    I have what will probably sound to be a bizarre question, but here goes. I have recently received a bad cut to my upper lip — a cut that required stitches and looks almost _exactly_ like the one from a recent post of yours. I’m terribly nervous that it’ll scar, and my plastic surgeon who has been taking care of me tells me that he can’t predict what’ll happen. I was just wondering if your wound healed properly and if there is a scar. I’m taking care of the wound now as best I can with various products, but I’m bothered about the idea of always being asked “what happened” for the rest of my life.

    Again, I’m sorry for the oddball question but I thought you might help here.

    All best,


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