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Ultra-Bright Blue LEDs!

Last updated on January 10, 2010

Ever since getting an iPod Danielle’s been wanting a way to connect it to her car. While at Target today I happened across a Sony CDX-GT43IPW on clearance for $69.98, and a few hours later it was installed in her car. Installing an aftermarket stereo in a 2000-ish GM J Platform normally requires some wiring trickery so that the factory chime sounds aren’t lost, but thanks to Danielle’s car already having an aftermarket stereo I was able to simply adapt the old wiring harness to this stereo’s needs, resulting in the harness seen here.

Disassembling the dash to access the stereo was also a bit of a hassle, but easier than expected. The stereo worked on first go, and the iPod interface is surprisingly decent. The built-in menu system which manages the iPod is about as good as one can get from a one line display, and there’s another mode which simply allows the iPod to controlled directly. There’s also a standard 3.5mm Aux In on the faceplate, should she wish to hook up another device that way.

The biggest down side is the ultrabright blue LEDs which illuminate the controls on the front panel. For now Danielle just ignores them while driving, but I imagine they will get pretty irritating soon. Sometime tomorrow I’ll probably open up the face plate and check out the LEDs. Hopefully it’s easy enough to open and they are pretty easy to replace. Green or red, and much less bright, should work out well.

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