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Downtown Rochester at Night

This evening after some late work, just after 10pm, I took off on my bike towards downtown Rochester. 21.88 miles later, averaging 15.2 MPH, I was back home. For rather knobby tires still at off-road pressures (leftover from Hanson Hills this past weekend; more on this later) I don’t think this is too bad. I took my normal route to the Clinton River Trail, then that into Downtown Rochester, then over to the river and bridges which indicate the start of the Paint Creek Trail. After standing around for a few minutes and texting a bit with Danielle I turned and headed home.

This was an interesting ride, as I’m not used to being on paths like the Clinton River Trail in the dark. With the 100% humidity there was also quite a bit of fog; enough that it was hard to see at times. The routes were also pretty much empty, save for one skunk, two rabbits, one possum, one muskrat, one raccoon, and a couple unidentified glowing eyes. Any cars encountered seemed a bit more confused by my presence than anything else, which meant no car problems.

I’m really tempted to build up my old fork, crankset, and wheels into something with smoother tires for this type of riding. I can’t help but continue to be tempted by something like the Surly Cross Check or Salsa Fargo, though…

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