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Third Coast Old Ale is Bottle Conditioned?!?

Up until today I was under the impression that Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale was not bottle conditioned. However, after pouring this glass tonight and seeing the dregs in the glass (as seen above), I’m thinking otherwise.

First introduced to me by [info]pathwalker around 2003 or so, I found this Bell’s beer to be a really nice, thick, almost-sweet version of a brown ale. It’s 9% or so, and is definitely the sort of beer that one sips. The last time I had it was back in 2005 or so, but when up at Red Wagon after a bike ride on Tuesday I decided to get some. As I remember, it’s really quite tasty, even with the lumps…

(For what it’s worth, here is a photo of this beer in 2005, sans lumps.)

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