x0xb0x Artwork Under Creative Commons License

600dpi version of the complete x0xb0x panel, v1.3 (Final).

Almost three years ago (wow!) I built my first x0xb0x. Being unhappy with the original artwork I designed my own, making the template available for others to use. However, I’d never actually released the artwork under a particular license. I’d forgotten about this until recently, so now I’d like to release this artwork under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Creative Commons License

This means that anyone can reuse this template and artwork, sell artwork based on this, and do anything they want with it as long as they credit my contribution.

Here are links to the various template files which I am releasing under this license:

x0xb0x_mainpanel_overlay_v1_3.ai – Original Artwork in Adobe Illustrator Format
x0xb0x_mainpanel_overlay_v1_3_CS.ai – Original Artwork Saved-As Adobe Illustrator CS Format
x0xb0x_mainpanel_overlay_v1_3_MAVERICK.ai – Artwork Submitted to Maverick Label For Printing
x0xb0x_mainpanel_overlay_v1_3_MAVERICK.swf – Shockwave Version of .AI File (Someone requested this once…)

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