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2008 Massive Fallout: Success

Jeff, Rob, and I (Steve) after finishing up our ride in Massive Fallout 2008.

Yesterday I rode in the 2008 Massive Fallout, a very large group mountain bike ride which routes through four of the best mountain bike trails in the area. I did three of the parks: Stony Creek, Bald Mountain, and Addison Oaks, riding along for most of the route with three other guys, Jeff, Rob, and Jeremy.

Per my bike’s computer I rode just over 46 miles. While I’ve ridden a longer distance in one go before, this was a much more difficult ride because of all the single track, amazingly fun climbs, etc. Here is the original map of the available routes [PDF] and here is marked-up map showing the approximate route we rode.

I only fell once, and that was during a fairly quick downhill part in Bald Mountain, where when going around a sandy curve at the bottom my front wheel started to slide out and I just went down. The only damage was a slightly scraped elbow, knee, and calf, and a slight sore thigh. Nothing bad at all. Today I’m just a bit worn out feeling still, but not sore. Still, I think I’ll wait a day or three before getting back out on the trails.

(Also: I keep thinking of getting a Surly Cross Check for riding non-mountain bike stuff. It’d be perfect for rides to Metro Beach, up the trails, stuff like that. I keep talking myself into and out of getting one, with the price of ~$1k being the biggest reason holding me back.)

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  1. Ali
    Ali October 25, 2008

    Stop it… you are hanging with my teammmmates. :) I bought a used Kona Jake cross bike this summer for $300… great condition and is perfect for what you mention. Ok.. I’m sorry I’m completely junking up your comments with random banter. I’m really just bored & recovering from a nasty stomach virus… sorry for the TMI. Great Blog.

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