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Black and Shiny

Set up to polish my boots in the laundry room. One boot is done.

After eating some really nice Skillet Baked Ziti (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen) that Danielle made for dinner I avoided working on my server by polishing my boots. As you can see above or at this close-up of the toes of my boots, they needed it.

Now I get to go back to figuring out why twe(4) in FreeBSD 7.0 seems sluggish. It may just be my perception, so I’m double-checking this by comparing the new 3ware-based array to the old gmirror(8) version. Or, it may be that it’s one of three drivers (the other two are ohci(4) and atkbd(4)) which indicate that they are GIANT-LOCKED, which means that they use the old SMP locking method.

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