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ad6 is Dying Too!

Error messages on the console showing that ad6 is actually failing hard. Good thing I ordered replacement disks.

It’s a good thing I received a 3ware 8006-2LP and a pair of Seagate 500GB disks today, because one of the two drives in the mirror set on my new server is just about to fail. To make matters worse, the failing disk is ad6, and ad4 is the one I’d accidently broken the other night, so I’ve been desperately waiting for the disks to finish syncing so that everything would be backed up.

This failed at ~10:00am this morning, which kept me from rebooting the box remotely to run more stress testing and (hopefully) replicating last night’s error.

Now that the data is sync’d I’ll wait for it to finish fscking then I’ll shut it down cleanly and begin running Breakin again.

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