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Magnetic Shaving Derby

Screenshot of nyarla's game Magnetic Shaving Derby.

For those of you with an R4 or other method of playing homebrew on the DS, I strongly suggest you check out nyarla‘s in-development game Magnetic Shaving Derby.

It is currently up to version 0.5, and here is a direct link to the zipped .nds file (mirror on

I think it could still use a bit of work, but it’s a really fun quick-play game. It would definitely be interesting if there was something like a bonus scrotum shaving round, a goatee / sideburn bonus, and maybe slightly different control of the magnet / blade, but as it stands it’s a pretty darn fun game.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that there’s another version coming soon, so keep an eye on nyarla’s site for more info.

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