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Colin Fraser Saves The Day

R20 replaced with a 10K part, per Colin Fraser's suggestion, in an attempt to alleviate the issues with the LCD.

When I woke this morning I had received a response from Colin Fraser in regards to the problem mentioned in this post. He mentioned two things: the issue isn’t likely to be caused by timing because he specifically checks for the LCD to be available before writing to it, and that he has seen an issue where the transistor which enables the R/W line of the LCD doesn’t have enough gain. To increase this gain he suggested replacing the 22K resistor at R20 with a 10K part.

I did so as can be seen above and this is the result: a P3 displaying things properly. Thanks, Colin!

Now I just have to do a little bit more testing (I’m paranoid about these things), then I can pack up the P3 and send it back to Ivan. Of course, that will come after dinner. Danielle is in the kitchen with where they are making making naan and Mattar Paneer with this recipe from Manjula’s Kitchen. I’m looking forward to a very tasty dinner.

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