MIDIbox SID-NUXX - Errata

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Mainboard v1.1

  • None (Yet)

Mainboard v1.0 S1

Both of these issues have been fixed in the v1.1 layout:

  • Silkscreen legend for D1 is backwards. With part installed as detailed MIDI Input does not work. Install part opposite legend to resolve issue. Caused by mis-built custom package in EAGLE.
  • Pin TN on Audio In should be connected to GND. This will help cut down on noise being picked up from the Audio In when it isn't being used. Pin TN is the switched side of the Tip of Audio IN and is the top left pin when the part footprint is viewed from the component side. Pin TN may be jumpered to any GND on the board. GND on C13 should work well. This fix is not essential.